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About us...

Spectrumites is a site dedicated to the development of the autistic community. We do this by focusing on three areas - autistic rights activism, connections between autistic people, and support.

We believe that these three things are inseparable parts of creating an autistic community - support requires activism, as real support can only exist in a community that accepts people for who they are; activism requires support, as this will keep the activism grounded in the idea of helping real autistic people; and both these things require strong community connections.

Here are more detailed lists of the goals of our organisation:

Activism goals

Support goals

This site is dedicated to creating a home for people on the autistic spectrum, however family and friends of autistic people are also welcome.

Currently the site is based around a forum, however in the near future there are plans to include journals/blogs, chatrooms, microblogging services, games, and other fun diversions.