Ant Exterminator Richmond VA

Ant Exterminator Richmond VA

Pest Control Richmond VA

Are you living around Richmond and is faced with ant infestation? Know how to control those pets!

Protect your family and home from Ant Problem

Ants are definitely an irritant. Although they are typically not thought to bring illnesses, there are still some risks such as contamination as we do not know where ants were coming from. They may come from garbage or other unhygienic places, gets into the kitchen counter, and contaminate the kitchenware and the food you prepare. Thus, it is a smart decision to take certain steps to ward off this pest and prevent them from entering your food cupboards and your home in the first place. 

Signs that there is an Ants infestation within your premises and will need pest control Richmond VA:

Ant Pathways – If you are seeing ant pathways inside or out of your property or premises, then that means ants are just roaming around. Some kind of ants usually lay down a pheromone trail heading to the food source. The pheromone, a chemical substance released by an animal, insect or mammal, into the environment affects the physiology or behaviour of other species. When released by ants, it will attract other ants and lead them to the food source.

Live Ants – If there are live ants, then you are in trouble. If they are roaming around your kitchen counters or where you prepare food, then you must take immediate action to keep them at bay.

Ant Nest – Ant nest looks like a tiny pile of dirt or soil. Some can be found in dark, quite places while other nest are attached in walls.

Pest control for ants in Richmond VA- How to get rid of ants

Majority of garden or black ants will come into your premises to forage for sweet foods and sticky substances. Make sure that there are no such foods in your kitchen or home through

Covering food

Clearing away liquid and food spillages immediately

Ensure all the rubbish bins are tightly sealed

Keep compost covered and enclosed

Clean any food debris from any kitchen appliances

You can also deter ants from entering your home through sealing the access points like crevices and cracks in window frames and door.

DIY or Professional Pest Control for ants in Richmond VA

Although numerous homeowners often choose a DIY ant control remedies, the outcome are not that satisfactory. Dealing with small ant problems may remain ideal but not when it goes severe. When there is a huge ant infestation, it is time to seek for professional help.

Professional Pest Control for ants in Richmond VA

Professionals are meant to fix your ant problems seamlessly, without causing you further trouble. Hence, choose Professional Pest Control for Ants in Richmond VA that guarantee results. Choose state certified, skilled and experienced professionals that are committed to excellence and work with the highest level of professionalism, integrity, and respect. Choose someone that provides genuine help to get rid of annoying ants.

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